My Preemies

Melissa with 24-weeker, Charlotte and 35-weeker, Henry.

Welcome! If you have found us here at The Preemie Life, chances are you or someone close to you has had a premature baby. First of all, allow us to congratulate you on your precious miracle! Whether you are new to the world of preemies, having just given birth, or are now a pro, busy keeping up with your precocious toddler or have a little one who is now in school, we hope to offer you the support you are seeking and the knowledge that you need as you navigate through life beyond the NICU.

Rooted in Chester County, Pennsylvania, our mission is to provide opportunities for local preemie families to get to know each other, to meet face-to-face and build relationships based on the unique bond of prematurity.

We strive to be a source of information as families work through Early Intervention, The Intermediate Unit and Private Therapies.

We hope to be a place where you can learn about community-based resources available to our children and tap into an amazing list of physicians and specialists recommended by parents of premature children who have first-hand experience working with these professionals.

The Preemie Life welcomes you to our community!

Parent Support Meeting
Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm Henrietta Hankin Library, Chester Springs